Fresh from the absolute juggernaut that is God of War, Sony’s next big PlayStation 4 exclusive is launching this Friday. Detroit: Become Human is the latest choice-based adventure game from the always controversial David Cage and his team at Quantic Dream, showcasing a near-future society in which androids have become fully immersed in society.

To celebrate the occasion, Sony’s released a launch trailer for Detroit: Become Human. Suffice to say, this is a game which is almost entirely story-driven, so tread carefully if you want to go into the experience totally spoiler-free.

From what I can tell, this trailer is showing plenty that hasn’t been shown before, including new characters and locations. Naturally, what’s going to happen is going to vary a lot depending on your choices, although this time, players are presented with a flowchart of decisions that can be rewound at will, allowing keen fans to comb through and unlock every variant of the story and find out what would’ve happened if they’d done things a little differently.

On a side note, I hope Quantic Dream keeps up its reputation for absolutely hilarious Quick Time Events. Beyond: Two Souls had a magnificent QTE for passing a maths exam, and it’s going to take some doing to top the banality of that particular dexterity test.

Detroit: Become Human is out on PS4 this Friday, May 25th. The reviews aren’t dropping until tomorrow afternoon though, which is always a little suspicious. Considering Quantic Dream’s track record, it may pay to take and what and see approach with Detroit.