About a fortnight ago, AMD’s long-term graphics and marketing guru, Chris Hook, announced he’d be leaving the firm after 17 years of service. Fast forward to today, and Chris Hook has become the latest AMD veteran to jump ship and start working for Intel.

Hook made no official announcement about his departure, nor did he confirm what his plans may be, but a simple update on his Facebook page has told us all he’s needed to know. As of yesterday, Chris Hook has “Started new job at Intel” to work on “Discrete Graphics Marketing”.

It means Hook is Intel’s first ever marketing expert in charge of discrete graphics, and a sure sign that the branding plans are already in full swing for its mooted gaming graphics cards.

Hook's transition follows AMD Radeon head honcho, Raja Koduri, jumping ship to Intel back in November 2017. This talent bleed isn’t a great look for AMD, particularly when considering the wealth of know-how, both in technical terms and market savviness, of both Chris Hook and Raja Koduri. It’s easy to see why Intel would be interested in snaffling up this pair though. Not only do they bring inside knowledge, but they also have strong connections to the gaming market that is lacking at Intel. This could prove particularly useful when Intel brings its first dedicated graphics cards to market. The Arctic Sound GPU is rumoured to be making its debut at some point in 2020.

One thing’s for sure - the graphics card market is definitely going to heat up in two years time. There’ll now be three GPU manufacturers competing for the same market share. For gamers, it should be a win/win situation. Greater competition means faster tech advances and more competitive pricing.

Can Nvidia maintain its vice-like grip on the graphics card market once Intel enters the fray? Is AMD Radeon’s talent bleed going to come back to hurt it, or do you think AMD is in a strong position going forward? Let us know what you think of the situation below!

Source: Hexus