The upcoming State of Decay 2 may not exclusive to the Windows Store if a recent PAX East demo is anything to go by.

At the moment, all of Microsoft’s first-party published games that come to PC as part of the Xbox Play Anywhere program are available exclusively to the Windows Store, bar a few rare examples of older games that released before the program was announced, such as Quantum Break and Halo Wars: Definitive Edition.

However, during the PAX East demo of State of Decay 2 that was live streamed, the demo version they were playing comes up with a specific Steam-related error.

When the player attempts to connect State of Decay 2 online an error message pops up saying “Login Failed. Unable to connect with Steam. Make sure Steam is running, you are logged in, no other instances are running, then restart the game.”

This clearly implies that Undead Labs’ co-op zombie survival game is attempting to authenticate with the Steam servers; a curious decision if State of Decay 2 is, in fact, exclusive to the Windows Store as we’d previously expected. This raises the possibility that State of Decay 2 is coming to both the Windows 10 Store and Steam.

Thanks to GD'er '30011887' as well, who spotted over on the official State of Decay 2 FAQ that it says:

What about Steam?

Stay tuned – we’ll have more to share in the future.


We’ll know for sure soon enough. State of Decay 2 is currently pegged to release on May 22nd for PC and Xbox One. Could this be Microsoft’s first flirtation with how successful its Xbox games could be outside of the Windows Store? Is this just an error on Undead Labs’ part, or do you think State of Decay 2 is going to come to Steam, if not now but eventually? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: ResetEra user 'Chairmanchuck'