AMD has suffered another blow to its staff this week, as longtime marketing guru Chris Hook parts ways after 17 years with AMD. Hook joined AMD (or ATI as it was once known) back in 2001, eventually becoming the senior director of global product marketing at AMD, masterminding the recent push to regain the gaming market share with AMD Ryzen and Radeon Vega.

Chris Hook announced his departure on Facebook, writing:“As some of you know, I made the decision recently to leave AMD to pursue a new role outside the company (which I start at the end of April). AMD has been a great company to work for, and I owe a tremendous amount to them both professionally and personally.

“The most rewarding experience I had at AMD was reigniting Radeon over the past couple of years with Radeon Technologies Group, growing its market share from high teens to low thirties, and achieving a record revenue quarter late last year.”

Sasa Marinkovic, the current director of software marketing at AMD, will be stepping up to fill in Chris Hook’s roll. He’s been at AMD even longer, starting his career as a senior ASIC product manager all the way back in 1996, around the time the ATI 3D Rage launched with its 500 nm fabrication process, 40 MHz clock speed, and 2MB memory.

It means a big chance for AMD over the last six months, with two of its highest profile team members jumping ship. AMD Radeon chief architect Raja Koduri of course controversially jumped ship to Intel late last year, ready to oversee Intel’s newfound interest in GPUs. He's rumoured to be assisting Intel with its alleged Arctic Sound, their dedicated gaming graphics card due to launch in 2020.