Detroit: Become Human will be launching on May 25th for PlayStation 4, Quantic Dream has confirmed.

“We are proud to announce that Detroit: Become Human now has an official release date,” said Quantic Dreams’ David Cage. “On 25th May, you will finally have the chance to get your hands on Quantic Dream’s most ambitious title to date.

“In a dystopian vision of our near future, Detroit is the story of three androids, three machines designed to obey, who start to feel emotions. Confronted with persecution and the violence of society, they will all have to decide who they want to be.”

As Cage says, there will be three playable characters in total. Connor is an android prototype that assists human investigators with criminal cases involving androids; Kara is a fugitive on the run after a violent run-in with a little girl’s father, and Markus is the leader of an android revolution that wants to see his kind recognised as human.

All three characters may die depending on the player’s decisions, changing the story forever. Entire scenes can be seen or skipped based on choices, resulting in totally different endings. If it’s anything like Heavy Rain though, I’m the sort of person that’ll only play through once and get the ending that’s right for me. It always feels a little artificial to go back through and make different choices just for the sake of it, but I’m sure there are others who’ll be keen to try and work out every possible permutation.

In addition to the release date, we also got a batch of lovely looking new screenshots taken from gameplay in Detroit: Beyond Human. Quantic Dream has said it’s going to be pushing the PS4 to the max with this one, and it definitely shows.

Detroit: Become Human will round off a very solid month of exclusives for the PS4, kicking off with Yakuza 6: The Song of Life on April 17th, God of War on April 20th, and then Detroit on May 25th.

Who's planning to pick one up? Can David Cage deliver this time? Let us know!