Cloud Imperium Games don’t do anything by halves so we shouldn’t be surprised that their latest video feature on the single-player Squadron 42 portion of Star Citizen clocks in at over half an hour. Star Citizen’s undoubtedly one of those games where you get out as much as you put in, just be prepared to put a whole lot.

The latest Star Citizen: Squadron 42 trailer is all centred around ‘The Coil’, a toxic cloud of electricity and dangerous gases. It sounds like a lot like the internet. CIG wants The Coil to be more than a backdrop though; it’ll play a significant role in Squadron 42’s plot, destroying ships at whim, changing the narrative, and it’s also an awesome looking place for a dogfight. It certainly sounds a lot more interesting than offloading cargo from a space freighter.

Building The Coil sounds as if it was no mean feat though, as you can see in the video. CIG had to create it as one gigantic volume of swirling gas merged with procedurally generated fog to create a maze-like environment. It sounds as if it’s immensely taxing on hardware, forcing CIG to rework its optimisation and reduce memory usage. Amazingly, CIG has said The Coil will need to run at 10% of its current CPU, GPU and memory consumption in order to even run on a middle-of-the-range modern gaming PC, so there's a lot of work to do just yet.

As with anything Star Citizen, it looks absolutely fascinating but we just want to get our bloody hands on it now. As of a few months ago, Squadron 42 will now be a completely separate purchase to Star Citizen, although we’re hopeful Squadron 42 should surface in some playable form at some point in 2018 (fingers crossed).