The weird (and potentially wonderful, we just don’t know yet????) world of Star Citizen got even stranger this week with the introduction of yet another way to pledge your support. They’re now selling land-based tanks to backers, ranging in price from $95 for the Tumbril Nova Tank LTI Warbond, through to $725 for the Deluxe Ground Vehicle Pack LTI VIP. If you’re buying that last one then I can only reason you’ve gone absolutely insane, particularly since Crytek went public with its lawsuit against Cloud Imperium Games.

It’s only been a matter of weeks since CIG offered up virtual plots of land for $50 per 16 square kilometres, with potentially billions of square kilometres up for grabs. If you want to spend money, CIG has got you covered in every which way.

These latest goodies were revealed in an announcement that is hidden to non-VIP members,  but PC Invasion has managed to snag a print screen of the new tanks.

The Nova looks like a pretty run of the mill tank, albeit with a starting price of $95. Should you be the patient sort, CIG reiterates that Nova tanks will be purchasable with in-game credits once Star Citizen officially launches. The same goes for everything in Star Citizen, although it remains to be seen just how many credits are going to be required. Too few and it’ll piss off those who pledged, too many and it’ll piss off fans who’ve been holding out for the official release.

As with anything Star Citizen, any pledges for these vehicles will “help fund Star Citizen’s development” and allow for deeper features in the world. The downside is that the Nova tank is only just entering the development pipeline, which basically means the concept art is pretty much the only thing that exists. It’ll actually be available a lot further down the line, and “may be released after other concept ships and vehicles have been completed.” Invest in one of these pledges and you’re playing the long game, basically.

Okay then, yet another way to pump more money into Star Citizen. Will anybody be biting on a Nova tank purchase? Or is this one tank tread too far? Let us know your thoughts!

Source: PC Invasion