The first Borderlands was a risky move by Gearbox Software, introducing a game no one has ever seen before. The sales were average, not great. Yet Gearbox decided to develop a sequel: Borderlands 2.

Borderlands 2 is a great success, and has topped many sales charts. Whereas Borderlands 1 had a rough start, Borderlands 2 had a great release and sold many of copies. So this time around, it isn't weird that Gearbox Software has a sequel planned..

Anthony Burch, head writer at Gearbox Software, said that Borderlands 3 is planned. Gearbox Software is, according to him, already exchanging ideas about a third part in the series. Gearbox hasn't announced anything more on the subject. However, after the successful release of Borderlands 2, it would be a surprise if they would not make Borderlands 3.


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