You obviously can’t have a racing game in 2017 without a hackneyed story thrown into the mix - step forward Need For Speed Payback. In truth it’s pretty much a must to have some sort of plot thrown in there when Ghost Games and EA are so obviously chasing the Fast & Furious crowd, providing a reason to drive like an absolute twonk around Fortune Valley.

Naturally, NFS Payback is a tale of revenge. The player and their crew are seeking vengeance against The House, which is the casino conglomerate that runs Fortunate Valley’s seedy underworld.

Here we’re introduced to Marcus Weir, the gambler, Rav, the crew’s mechanic, and Lina Navarro, who’s basically the PR agent for anything street racing. They're joined by the three playable characters - Tyler 'Ty' Morgan, Jessica 'Jess' Miller and Sean 'Mac' McAlister.

Need For Speed Payback is out on November 10th for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. If you stump up for EA Access you can play for 10 hours from November 2nd.