Skyrim is a good game. It released many years back, in 2011, and a lot of us are waiting patiently for some form of announcement regarding the next Elder Scrolls 6. Meanwhile Bethesda have created the Survival Mode which will be available in the Creation Club store from October 28th. It will be available for free to use for 1 week but then if you want to keep it and carry on using it, it will cost 8$.

The Survival Mode will add new gameplay features to the Special Edition Skyrim turning the land you travel around into a harsh cold wilderness. Some of the things that the Survival Mode will add include, Hunger, where your hunger lowers your stamina and your ability to wield most weapons. it also has food poisoning if you eat raw meat. So make sure you cook it.

Fatigue decreases available Magicka and the effects that potions have on you. So make sure you get the right amount of sleep. Then there is the cold. Skyrims lands are cold. Real cold. And this can kill even the toughest Dragonborn.  So  you will end up moving from place to place based around what heat sources there are. And definitely think twice about sleeping outdoors. And heat up some nice warm soup and you should be set for a while.

The controversy flowing around this new Survival Mode DLC is that it feels like it is taking some of the best bits from already available free mods, packaging them up and selling them to you. So you can imagine how colourful some of the Steam commentary is becoming.

Take a look at the full write up for the Survival Mode over on Bethesda, to see if this will be enough to get you to pull out Skyrim. You can already opt in to the Beta version via Steam to get a go at the Survival Made.