Between Star Wars Battlefront 2 and now Need For Speed Payback, EA’s got a bit of a running theme going on. Content, lots of it. The more the better. Feast on all their lovely #content. Off the back of selling us Battlefront 2 by telling us how little Battlefront 1 has in it, EA and Ghost Games have been bigging up NFS: Payback’s open-world of Fortune Valley, the Need For Speed series biggest ever open world. We’ve got the full map and a fast and furious new trailer detailing all the activities that will be speckled throughout Fortune Valley.

Need For Speed Payback’s map is split up into four distinct provinces, each with their own landmarks. Down in the southwest, there’s Silver Rock, a cash-rich city ripe for street racing, flanked to the north by Boomville, a run-down industrial estate.

Then in the centre, there’s Liberty Desert, the star of the original Need For Speed Payback reveal trailer. It’s designed for plenty of off-roading, and home to long stretches of road and an airstrip.

Down in the southwest, there’s Mount Providence, which all looks very Burnout Paradise. There are lots of twisting, mountainous roads, topped off by the Franklin Dome, possibly the steepest area in NFS: Payback. Lastly, in the northeast sits Silver Canyon. It’s home to the fewest landmarks but they also sound like ideal racing material, including the Silver Dam and the Silver Casino Lodge where the inevitable casino heist will take place.

All in all Need For Speed Payback looks as if it’s shaping up to be a far more interesting game than the 2015 Need For Speed reboot which drastically under delivered. The full Need For Speed Payback system requirements are out, so be sure to check them out as we prepare for its November 10th launch.