Absolver's low-fi visual gorgeousness has been enrapturing fans since it was first announced. The simplified texture work and dense angular shapes make for one of the best-looking indie titles since, well, last month's Hellblade, but there's no doubting indie studios can crank out some great looking games these days. Absolver's visuals remind me a little of Galleon, if anyone played that way back when. Here's exactly what you can expect from the various Absolver graphics presets.

Absolver PC Performance Benchmark - MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6GB

First and foremost, keep in mind just how accessible Absolver is on all modern PC machines. Absolver has a simple artistic style that still provides a beautiful experience. This indie studio, Sloclap obviously cares about the breadth of their gaming audience. If you have a graphics card and gaming computer that was built in the last 5 years then you are likely to be able to enjoy Absolver cranked up on High or Ultra graphics settings. If not Absolver will run on a very wide selection of machines when you drop its graphics settings to Medium or Low.

Absolver Low vs Ultra Graphics Comparison

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As I suspect you can probably tell, dropping the Shadows section of Absolver's graphics settings results in an absolutely drastic drop in graphical quality. The difference is literally night and day. Rather than tone down the shadow quality, Sloclap instead opted to drape the entire thing in darkness. Absolver looks nothing less than awful at Low and Medium Shadow settings and these should be avoided entirely.

Aside from the shadows, you can hopefully see there's a fairly marked change in texture quality, draw distance and foliage quality, all of which benefit greatly from being bumped up to ultra.

Just to help nail down the details (and a much-requested feature), here's a scene from Absolver comparing all four graphical presets against one another - Low, Medium, High and Ultra.

Absolver Low v Medium


Absolver Medium v High

Absolver High v Ultra

Absolver Medium v Ultra

Absolve Low v High

Absolver PC Performance Benchmark - MSI GeForce GTX 1060 Gaming X 6GB