AMD launched the XFX and Sapphire editions of Vega 56 on Newegg and Amazon for $399 earlier today but the entire stock was bought in just 5 minutes. We discussed AMD's supply problems last week, most countries don't have the cards available due to the overwhelming demand and their decision to integrate High Bandwidth Memory in the new series. 

AMD RX Vega 56 is based on Vega XT architecture with the base clock running at 1,156MHz whereas the boost clock runs 1,471MHz. It can deliver up to 10.5 TFLOPS of Peak SP performance and has around 3,584 stream processors. Its TDP lies at 210W, which is a lot higher than the GTX 1070 with which it competes, but both offer nearly equivalent performance.

XFX and Sapphire editions of this card were available on Amazon whereas Newegg only has the XFX edition. It is good to see that the new series from AMD is doing well in the market but fans will definitely be perturbed to see it go out of stock so frequently. AMD did promise that they would have a stable supply chain up soon to meet consumer demand but the way things look right now, it'll probably be a few months before anyone can get their hands on this series for a good price.

RX Vega 56 is available for pre-order on Overclockers for $100+ extra which is obviously not an attractive offer considering the GTX 1070 for a lot less and offers the same level of performance.

What are your thoughts regarding this? Have you got your hands on the new Vega series? Also are you willing to spend more to get the cards? Let us know!

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