Bungie’s Destiny 2 PC beta begins today, and its arrival is joined by an all-new trailer showing off the European Dead Zone, the largest playable area in the series’ history. They claim there’s going to be a renewed focus on PvE environmental exploring in the sequel, building areas such as the European Dead Zones packed with quests, secret loot and Strikes, comprising both solo and group content.

Activities in the open-world areas will include Lost Sectors, which are non-instanced dungeons with a boss to defeat at the end. There are also Adventures, small side missions with bonus unlocks and short snippets of lore, as well as Public Events such as invasions, wherein players can team up to accomplish a random goal.

Destiny 2’s PC beta is available to download now and is playable today for anyone who pre-orders. The open beta begins tomorrow, August 29th, and will be available to all through Blizzard Battle.net.