The RPCS3 team has managed to get Red Dead Redemption running in-game for the first time ever on its PlayStation 3 emulator. The original Red Dead has proven an extremely tricky prospect to emulate despite the best efforts of multiple emulation teams, and it’s comfortably one of the most sought after console exclusives to play on PC. Now RPCS3 have made some huge strides, going in-game in Red Dead Redemption for the first time in the seven years since its launch.

Despite progress, don’t go expecting anything remotely close to playable just yet. The frame rate in the video released is regularly in single digits, the main character is often invisible, and there are plenty of visual bugs and artifacting. It’s a lot better than the previous version though, which ran at 1 frame per second and locked itself on the main menu.


Patience is the key here, but there are promising signs that Red Dead Redemption may at long last be playable on PC in due course.