Horizon: Zero Dawn developer Guerrilla Games has posted several job listings which appear to indicate a sequel is in the works. Guerrilla Games is looking to fill several positions at the studio, including for a Senior Technical Animator proficient in skinning humanoid and non-humanoid characters, alongside a ‘Senior Creature Animator’.

For the Senior Creature Animator, Guerrilla “looking for a senior in-game creature animator with extensive experience animating animal movement and behavior,” which sounds right in Horizon’s ballpark.

A total of 11 new jobs are available, suggesting Guerrilla is scaling up once more for a new release, possibly Horizon: Zero Dawn 2.

This could be for anything of course, and Guerrilla Games may even be working on a new IP, but after the incredible success of Horizon: Zero Dawn, a sequel seems like a no-brainer. There is also the possibility GG is ramping up development on a story expansion for the original game. If so then it would appear the DLC teased a few weeks ago may still be a long way off.

In all likelihood it’s going to be for both. A Horizon: Zero Dawn expansion is likely already months into development, while Guerrilla Games will be looking to pump out a sequel as quickly as humanly possible. Its Killzone series hasn’t made the splash both Guerrilla and Sony perhaps expected, but Horizon dropped with a bang. It’s already become the fastest selling new IP on the PlayStation 4 and Sony evidently sees it as a franchise with legs.

That said, it looks as if Horizon is the IP rather than the Zero Dawn suffix, so we’re probably going to get Horizon: Something rather than Horizon: Zero Dawn 2. It all makes sense when you play the game, believe me. Hopefully by then we'll be able to play Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC in some form, even if it's only through the PlayStation Now streaming service.