A few years back a strange app/game called Mountain took the mobile world by storm. In it you played as a procedurally generated mountain and just, well, watched. Now the creator David OReilly is back with Everything, a universe simulator for PC and PlayStation 4. He’s just released a 10-minute mini-movie to accompany a release date announcement for Everything, all set to a narration from late British philosopher Alan Watts. It all looks absolutely fascinating, but prepare to have your mind implode. 

I think the first comment neatly sums up how I felt.

David OReilly is promising Everything will have more “one million years of gameplay”, although what the heck that actually entails is anybody’s guess. As you can see in the video, the player can control just about anything, from moving entire galaxies to shifting continents, crawling bugs, to the microscopic organisms in their bloodstream. Obviously with just a single fellow doing all the heavy lifting, Everything has taken a bit of a hit on the graphical and animation front, however you can’t fault the ambition.

It’s certainly a premise which I want to mess around with, although how long it can hold the player’s interest remains to be seen.

Everything is out on March 21st for PlayStation 4 and a month later on April 21st for PC.