There’s all sorts of things we expect to see out of GDC (Game Developers Conference) this week but Borderlands 3 certainly wasn’t one of them. Gearbox CEO Randy Pitchford took to the stage to give a presentation on the studio’s work with Unreal Engine 4, showing off a Borderlands 3 tech demo in the process. Yes please.

What we saw isn't Borderlands 3 in action, but rather a look at how Gearbox is progressing with the new technology offered in Unreal Engine 4. The actual game is still estimated to be around 18 months away. Pitchford did hint however that the character shown off here is a returning character, which is why we can’t see her face. It also sounds as if Borderlands 3 will move proceedings away from Pandora and actually take place on other planets.

You can see it for yourself in the Twitch stream below. It’s quite a hefty talk so if you just want to hear about Borderlands 3 then just head to roughly 1h 4m in.

These images are pulled from the Twitch stream so they aren't perfect quality but they give you a decent idea. The very bottom image is what Borderlands 3 looks like without and post-processing effects.

It definitely looks like Borderlands 3 alright, albeit with a fairly decent uptick in visual quality. The cel-shaded art style kind of prevents Borderlands 3 from looking mind blowingly detailed but it’s admittedly a timeless art style. What does of irk me a bit however is the bottom screenshot. This is what Pitchford used to show how Borderlands 3 looks before any post-processing effects are applied. Is it just me or does it look better than the rest? What do you think?