Our AMD Ryzen R7 1700X CPU giveaway is coming to a close tomorrow. You've got one more day to enter and be in with a chance of winning AMD's $400 CPU! All you need to do to be in with a chance is follow the simple instructions below.

Original content - 03/03/2017

Today we've got something special for all you AMD Processor fans. After waiting years for a new CPU family, AMD has taken the world by storm with their new Ryzen CPU series. The hotly anticipated Ryzen processors offer unparalleled price to performance, and we've got an 8-core AMD Ryzen 7 1700X worth $400 to give away to a lucky GD'er who wants a top-tier gaming experience.

The Ryzen 7 1700X is an octa-core beast with 16 threads on Socket AM4, clocked at 3.4 GHz Base Clock, with a 95W TDP and an unlocked multiplayer for some serious overclocking. Performance of AMD's R7 1700X is not far off Intel's $1000 Core i7-6900K thanks to some impressive multithreading, as well as pulling in some impressive 3DMark Fire Strike CPU benchmark scores. AMD has also struck up deals with the likes Bethesda to guarantee performance optimization for AMD Ryzen hardware.

If you want to be all set for PC gaming for years to come, you can't really go wrong with the Ryzen 7 1700X. In a recent Up For Debate GD'ers said the Ryzen 7 1700X is the best buy out of the three Ryzen 7 CPUs. The only little snag is you'll need a Socket AM4-compatible motherboard, however the 1700X is the sort of CPU it's worth building an entire rig around.

AMD's latest range of Ryzen CPUs are out from March 2nd, but you can save yourself $400 by entering this simple AMD Ryzen processor giveaway. All you need to do to win a Ryzen R7 1700X is follow the instructions below.

This free Ryzen 1700X processor giveaway competition will end on Thursday 30th March at 6pm, where a lucky winner will be chosen and contacted (please have patience, sometimes it takes a while for me to contact the winner) and then send out the Ryzen 1700X, no matter where you live in the world.

For this one we're going to be following the usual GD competition entry format. Anyone can be in with a chance of winning, while a lot of regular GD'ers will already be in with a chance having completed entry actions in the last competition that carry forward to this hardware giveaway. The more actions you achieve from the table below, the greater the chance you have at winning this awesome piece of graphical gaming hardware.

A quick note - don't try to cheat the system as it auto-logs folks that are displaying suspicious behavior and removes them from the winner selection draw.

How do I get in touch with the winner? I send you an email or contact you via Twitter or Facebook or Steam or directly on GD, depending on how you enter and win the Ryzen 7 1700X. Ensure sure your email address is valid as this is the most reliable way to be contacted.

For those who just want to complete a quick entry, you can also just jump in to the competition with our Tweet button below or by installing our GD Anywhere Extension. Anyone using the extension will automatically be in with a chance of winning any of our competitions going forward, provided it's installed.


BONUS ACTION CAN BE DONE EVERY DAY FOR AN EXTRA ENTRY. So you will want to revisit here as often as is practical for you.

Also anyone who is a Steam Group member of GD will also be in the draw, so feel free to add yourself to our GD Steam group as well. Here you can quickly see which of your GD buddies are gaming and then join them for a session.

Again, to clarify, each way you enter counts as one or more entry into the competition. So entering via tweeting counts as an entry; already being a member of our steam group counts as another entry; already having installed our useful GD Anywhere Extension counts as 3 entries; being a YouTube channel member is another entry, and so on. This means a lot of you might not even need to bother to join our social groups because you are already in them and therefore automatically entered into our hardware giveaway competition. However you can always fire out a new tweet to add another entry, or revisit each day for our bonus entry click.

WINNER ANNOUNCEMENT: Its time for the big reveal on who wins this latest AMD Ryzen CPU
Ok, the lucky winner is....
Louis.A From Belgium
For revisiting the page and using the "Click For a Daily Bonus" entry. Wow nice going and congratulations. I will get that sent over to you Louis, once I get it ordered. Dont forget you will have to upgrade your motherboard as well. And please leave a message on the site to say hi to all the other fellow GD members.

I will do another hardware giveaway later in the year, so keep your eyes out for that. Also feel free to let me know in the comments below what type of hardware you would most like GD to giveaway next.