Love is the air, everywhere I look around. Sniped in the balls, do do do dodo do doooo. Ignore me, I’ve just been hurriedly cancelling my Valentine’s Day plans in preparation to bring the Axis scum to a swift and brutal end. You see the Sniper Elite 4 launch trailer has arrived to let us know timing is everything. You know, like Rebellion giving us a horrifically violent wargame on the day we’re supposed to be on our best behaviour.

“1943. Outnumbered and deep behind enemy lines, an elite specialist hunts a Nazi Officer through the streets of Southern Italy”, reads the spiel from Rebellion.

“There's a time to be stealthy and a time to be lethal. A time to go low and a time to go high. A time to strike and a time to move ... TIMING IS EVERYTHING!”

Which is a roundabout way of saying here’s a pretty awesome trailer of a crackshot sniper sending a screwdriver flying straight into a Nazi’s skull. If this were Rocket League I imagine there would be a lot of “so much luck” or “so lucky noob” but it’s not, so enjoy.


As well as these we got the deets on the Sniper Elite 4 Season Pass. It includes the obligatory Hitler assassination bonus mission, three extra campaign missions, three expansion packs containing weapons, skins and characters, and “yet more expansion packs”. It’ll set you back $30.

If you missed the earlier memo, Sniper Elite 4 is out on February 14th for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.