When it comes to Blizzard, it pays to never underestimate their astounding capacity for success. Overwatch has came, it’s seen, and it’s well and truly conquered the gaming landscape. Blizzard has now announced that there are more than 25 million Overwatch players spread across all three platforms, which truly is a monumental achievement in the span of eight months.

Consider as well that Overwatch is a full-priced, boxed title, and one that many of us unwittingly assumed would be free-to-play right out of the gate. Blizzard was evidently bang on the money with its assumption fans would stump up $60, and they’ve done so 25 million times. There’s been a few discounts here and there, but at full price that equates to $1.5 billion. Activision Blizzard’s money men must be rubbing their hands with sheer, unadulterated glee.

Now it's perhaps worth bearing in mind that this figure doesn't tell us the whole story. How many people are still playing? Does this include free weekends? Are people buying it on multiple accounts? Whatever the case it's a fine achievement and the success of Overwatch shows no signs of slowing. Blizzard has been consistent in its post-launch support and it's easy to see Overwatch continue to be played for years to come, much like the rest of Blizzard's back catalogue.

How many of you are still booting up Overwatch for a quick/horrendously long session? Can you see it being supported for years to come? Let us know!