Ubisoft has taken the wraps off the third and final part of its Year One DLC for The Division. Last Stand will be arriving as update 1.6 and pits two teams of eight against one another in entirely new PvP Dark Zones. Each of the teams must capture and hold as many of the three encryption points as possible while fending off enemy player and AI attacks. Whoever meets the score goal first, or has the highest score at the end of 20-minute matches, wins. Simple.

There’s going to be full matchmaking support but you’re only going to be able to head into the Last Stand with a squad of four. You’ll then be matched up with another 4-man squad before heading into Dark Zone North. In a bit of a MOBA-ish twist there will be AI enemies in the area. Hunting and killing these grant you special technology which can be used to unlock tactical boosts and enhanced base fortifications (including turrets) for your team.

Intriguingly Last Stand will have an entirely separate ranking system. You need to be level 30 to play it, but once you’re in you can rank up from 0-40 in that mode. Every rank up will get you exclusives items.

Ubisoft claim the new Dark Zone North area effectively doubles the total land mass of the Dark Zone, taking in the new areas of DZ 7, DZ 8 and DZ9. They’re going to be a little bit different from what you’re perhaps used to with the Dark Zone as well. There will apparently be much more interiors to explore, alongside the usual rooftops and underground areas, giving players more freedom to get off the streets.

Unlike the last two DLCs, Last Stand won’t be a timed exclusive for Xbox One players. It’s going to launch on the same date for all three platforms. As for what date? Ubisoft hasn’t said, but we’re expecting in at some point in Q1 2017.