XCOM 2 has just had some fresh life breathed into it with the arrival of the Long War 2 mod, from the newly-renamed Pavonis Interactive. Launched in official partnership with 2K and Firaxis, the Long War packs in what practically amounts to an entire expansion’s worth of content entirely for free labour.

The rejigged XCOM 2 campaign now stretches on for between 100-120 missions, depending how how well you performance. The overall flow has also been altered with ADVENT forces having individual strengths in different regions of the world. Repeatedly attack a specific continent and the alien forces will amass there, making it more challenging to complete missions. This forces players to think more strategically about where they attack, targeting ADVENT weak points.

Within each region you can now also send squads out onto their own missions, gathering intel, more resources, or recruiting more rebels. It’s even possible to totally liberate a region from ADVENT control, providing huge boosts to your resource gathering, however the alien forces will attempt to take them back.

That’s only changes to the XCOM 2 strategy map as well. There’s heaps of new missions types, classes, weapons, armour; even new enemy units.

If you want to play Long War 2 then you’ve got to do is head to the Steam Workshop for XCOM 2 and subscribe to the mod. Simple.

Let us know below how you find the revamp and whether you think the changes are worthwhile!