Sony has just hit us with one heck of a new Horizon: Zero Dawn trailer, although be warned: this is about as spoilerific as it comes. In fact, I think I wish I’d never had to watch the damn thing. It turns out Horizon: Zero Dawn goes places. Places you’d never known if all you’d seen was Aloy sneaking through the undergrowth and hunting mecha-dinos. Those were simpler times. More peaceful times.

See what I mean? I mean, damn, Lance Reddick gets everywhere. Also, if you want to hear something painful, give his album on a Spotify a whirl. It’s really something else.

Back to Horizon: Zero Dawn though and there are larger forces at work than we’d ever suspected. Human controlled machines. An evil megalomaniacal force. An absolutely ridiculous sized mech to take down. Indoor environments. A sprawling city to explore. Horizon: Zero Dawn really does look like it could be the complete package. However, I think Guerilla Games is perhaps starting to show us just a little too much. Leave at least a few surprises, eh?

Ah, and one last thing. Why do the sneaking, (dread-filled) suspicision that Horizon: Zero Dawn is going to eventually tie into the Killzone universe? Please don’t this to us Guerilla.

Horizon: Zero Dawn is coming exclusively to PlayStation 4 on February 28th in North America and March 1st in Europe.