After Resident Evil 6 tainted the brand name somewhat, Capcom has had to be brave and go back to the drawing board for Resident Evil 7. The result is a pant-wetting first person horror experience that draws as much influence from P.T. as it does the original Resident Evil. Gone are the pre-rendered backgrounds, in its place are photorealistic environments dripping with a foreboding atmosphere. Preliminary benchmarks suggests swings as wild as 106 FPS to 39 frames per second when dialing Resident Evil 7 up to Ultra on PC, but these graphics comparison sliders show just what you're gaining.



Considering the frame rate (more on this in a later article) can actually drop to less than half when jumping to Ultra from Low, we're not actually seeing a major gain in visual quality. Shadows are one area which is noticeably more realistic in Resident Evil 7 at Ultra, but you need to pull up a side by side comparison to really tell the difference. 

The biggest difference can be seen in the second pair of screenshots. This is from Resident Evil VII's kitchen, and you can see the impact Volumetric Lighting has. Sunbeams cascade in from the window and naturally illuminate the surfaces on Ultra, whereas on low the lighting is just baked in.

In the third screenshots the only major differences to spot are some noticeable aliasing on the staircase at Low, and Ultra appears much darker. This is due to the way shadows are cast more realistically in Resident Evil 7. 

Lastly we've got an up close screenshot of some peeling wallpaper. Not the most interesting screenshot, granted, but this is designed to show the difference in Texture Quality between Low and Ultra in RE7. There's not much in at all really. Overall I would have to say the textures are disappointingly low quality, possible a nod to Resident Evil 7's virtual reality heritage.

We'll have benchmarks numbers up for your later today as we'll be testing out Resident Evil 7 on a range of graphics cards.