So what’s coming up in the Overwatch update has been bouncing around for some time now, but finally it seems that we can actually get our mitts on something tangible right this second. It isn’t really new that Symmetra has had a redesign being worked on for some time, but now we can actually see this on Public Test Realm right now, with their full release coming our way very soon. We’ve looked through the developer update to pick out the juicy bits if you want to know more of what’s coming for her, as well as info on a neat little social tool looking to be implemented.

So as the dev in the video below puts it, Symmetra is at times “overly situation”, her buildable Ultimate, her teleporter, is not always the best choice for quite a few occasions. So in a move to combat it, Blizzard have been redesigning Symmetra to be the first character with two buildable Ultimates. Her second being a souped up shield generator, being much more substantial than her previous. This will now give the player the ability to toggle between the two and decide on using whichever one seems to be the best at the time.

Alongside this there are few other tweaks to be made to Symmetra, more health for her teleporter, revamped shields, sentry turret changes and her primary fire’s range are all being retouched. But a really interesting feature, that we’re surprised hasn’t been done more often, is that now, if you're playing solo and do not personally know the team that you are with, you can now click a button at the end of a match that will allow you to stay with them as a group. Gone are the days of the awkward task of gathering everyone together when you realise that you click as a team. With a button press you will be able to stay with the group. As Geoff says in the video, this is one of many small social tweaks that are planned to be hitting Overwatch over the next updates.

On a side note the Oasis map, that was announced at Blizzcon 2016, is said to be coming our way after this update, as close to the end of the year as possible. While new characters are on the horizon.

See the video below:

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