This is the big one, Ladies and Gentlemen, the big momma, the alpha and omega, what it's all come down to, the Game-Debate Global Game Awards 2016 Game Of The Year announcement is finally tallied up. However, not to be on it's own in this article, it'll also be joined by our darling award, that's right, The Best Indie Game winner of 2016. Which helps people know which 2016 indie title really should be getting your attention. And of course, we also now know what everyone has been looking forward to most for 2017, as we announce the Most Anticipated Game of 2017. And who knows perhaps some Black Friday deals will arise that help you pick up a copy of this years 2016 Game of The Year.

This year's Global Game Awards 2016 followed on from last years ceremony, with a staggering amount of gamers visiting and submitting their votes. We stopped the Awards activity counter yesterday which reached:


Another result that is way off the charts, following the annual Award tradition of the 2015 awards. And believe you me, our servers are going to be breathing a sigh of relief now that these 2016 awards are through. Nominees across the board got behind the much sought after Awards on offer, making it a brilliant, fun, and fiercely contested battle.

Before you continue you can also check out the two other Award announcement sections:

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And as always, a Game-Debate Global Game Award from 2016 isn't just for Christmas - these accolades will last as long as the internet keeps churning, helping the hard working geniuses behind these ground-breaking game experiences get recognised for their exceptional products, until society collapses and our bones turn to dust.

But on a cheerier note, without further ado, the Global Game Award 2016 Game Of The Year, Best Indie Game of 2016 and the Most Anticipated Game of 2017 Category winners are as follows:


Battlefield 1

Well there you have it. We can confirm in all of it's majesty that Battlefield 1 is officially Game-Debate's Game of The Year 2016! *Cheering* *Applause* *Gunshots*! This amazing World War 1 shooter has absolutely dominated the Game of the Year contest this year, for a period it was in contest with Overwatch  who was hot on it's heels, but it soon shook of those Blizzardy shackles and streaked to the top of the tables. Here at GD we fully applaud this title for it's immersion, it's audio, it's damn refreshing direction for a shooter in the modern market (going backwards rather than forwards) and of course it's highly impractical Zepplin gunships. What could go wrong with those? Many many congratulations go to DICE on this stellar title. 


Darkest Dungeon

We can announce that Darkest Dungeon is now officially Game Debate's Best Indie of 2016! We were already impressed when we played it, but now we can be impressed with how much an effect it has seemingly had on you guys. This title was a cut above the rest with popularity this year, not a small feat considering the titans it was up against. With a beautiful art style, compelling story, in depth gameplay and a fantastically dark tone we can say for sure that this is one of the best RPGs going at the moment and of course, the Best Indie of 2016. If you haven't given it a whirl this year, make sure you do going into the next.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Boy 'o' boy this one was a close one, but one that Mass Effect Andromeda wholeheartedly deserves, we can now crown with full certainty that is indeed Mass Effect: Andromeda that you guys are looking forward to most in 2017. With some seriously strong competition this year, with so many awesome titles heading our way, Mass effect Andromeda was able to hold them off just long enough and was able to take our prized Most Anticipated Game Of 2017 Award. What will this game hold for us? At this point we're not quite sure, but what we can say for sure is you're definitely not alone in wanting to find out. Many congratulations for the hype train this title must pilot.

Well there you have it folks! What a year it's been and what an awards ceremony to accompany it. We would like to of course congratulate all of this years winners and even more importantly thank you, the voters and GD community. Without you guys this wouldn't be made possible and we thank all of you thousands upon thousands of voters for taking part. We'll see you next year!