Sony’s PS4 Pro reveal conference was a bit of a dud, but there were a few gems still lurking in there, not least of which was 4K footage of Guerilla Games’ Horizon: Zero Dawn running on Sony’s new hardware.

The additional horsepower in the console allows for a resolution bump, more detailed environments, and more lifelike colours thanks to HDR (High Dynamic Range). As for that 4K resolution, it’s not quite as cut and dried as Sony at first implied. A checkerboard process is used whereby a 2K image is upscaled to 4K, although some nifty processing help tidy it up and deliver what is nearly 4K clarity. Due to the 2K render it only requires double the processing power of the base PS4 running a 1080p game, so you can begin to see how Sony is achieving this with a Polaris GPU just twice as fast as the original chip.

Every little look we get at it is looking gorgeous, but this video on the PS4 Pro steps it up another notch. It’s equal parts Uncharted and Assassin’s Creed in the way it which it appears to handle scale and traversal, although I confess to being a little bit worried the giant plate headed dinosaur is just a Ubi-tower in disguise. A very pretty map sync point no doubt, but a Ubi-tower all the same.

Also shown at the event was the first Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay in 4K, and BioWare looks to be working unbelievable wonders there. You can check that out here.