The third and final XCOM 2 DLC, Shen’s Last Gift, has been launched alongside a new trailer. This time around it includes a brand new soldier class with powerful and unique combat abilities, along with a new narrative based mission focusing on Chief Engineer Lily Shen, who joins the squad to find out more about her late father’s final project. It’s tucked away in Advent’s Lost Towers facility and promises to be one of the most dramatic showdowns yet.

It looks as if the new soldier class is your very own mech unit, with Johnny 5-style eyes and enough weaponry to pack a mean punch. 

That’s it for the season pass content, with Anarchy’s Children and Alien Hunters rounding out the rest of the content. Shen’s Last Gift is priced at $10 when bought on its own, or it’s included as part of the $16 Reinforcement Pack. Not the most content reason of season passes but there you go. Despite this being the last slice of DLC, Firaxis hasn’t ruled out the potential for full-blown expansion packs, much in the same vein as Enemy Within.

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