Croteam and publisher Devolver Digital have been dropping some heavy hints that Serious Sam 4 could finally be revealed during E3 2016. The latter announced its E3 lineup on Twitter this past Wednesday, touting “a new @Croteam title at E3”.

That’s interesting enough on its own merit, but it could obviously be The Talos Principle 2. Croteam took things a step further however, not only sharing the tweet in question but also tagging it with the comment “things are getting serious”.

It could be innocent enough but I seriously doubt it. Croteam knows exactly what effect using that word would have on its fanbase, and sure enough rumours are flying that Serious Sam 4 will be the big unveiling during E3 this year.

Cast your mind back aways and there’s further evidence to corroborate this too. A Croteam-themed Humble Bundle back in 2013 was announced as contributing to funding for Serious Sam 4. We’ve heard nothing of it since, but suffice to say Croteam has had a full three years to work its magic on a Serious Sam sequel.

Devolver Digital tends to play by its own rules, but if Serious Sam 4 were to be announced it wouldn’t be a great surprise to see it crop up in the PC Gaming Show. The series fast-paced shooting has always been at home on PC so it’d be a great place to showcase it.