It's been a 12-year wait since DOOM 3 (It seems like only yesterday I waited outside GAME at 9AM, the impatient sort I was), but at long last a new DOOM as arrived. There was a wee bit of suspicion when review codes weren't handed out until today, but early impressions are it's pretty damn good. If you have forked over the cash for a copy of DOOM then you may have bumped into one or two issues though, which this DOOM tweaks and fixes guide should hopefully help you with. 

How to skip the intro videos in DOOM

DOOM has a frankly painful number of splash screen videos when you boot it up, which is not what you need when you’ve got a spare 15 minutes for some fragging. Fortunately there is a simple fix to skip the intro videos in DOOM.

Right click DOOM in your Steam Library and select Properties. In the new window that opens click ‘Set launch options’. In the box that appears, add the line+com_skipIntroVideo 1” (minus the quotes).

DOOM is making me feel motion sick or nauseous

DOOM is an extremely fast-paced first-person shooter, and naturally enough this makes some people feel a little queasy, particularly when playing for extended periods. While there is no fix all solution, there are number of steps you can take to ease the problem.

Tweak the field of view (FOV). This is one of the most common causes of motion sickness, so have a play with this and see if you can find a setting that is more comfortable for you. Typically the lower the FOV, the more intense and disorienting quick movements can be.

Anything which blurs the image can also lead to motion sickness. Try disabling Bloom, Depth of Field and Chromatic Aberration in DOOM’s advanced graphics options. Turn Motion blur down to Low.

I can’t get above 60 frames per second

There can be a number of reasons the framerate in DOOM is locked to 60 FPS. First things first, make sure you uncheck V-Sync. If it is enabled the frame rate will be tied to the refresh rate of your monitor.

Secondly, make sure you are not running in Borderless Windowed mode. This enables Vsync in accordance with your Windows system settings, so ensure you have DOOM set to Full Screen.

Lastly, if it is still locked at 60 FPS, ensure you disable both of the above options in the Nvidia Control Panel or AMD Radeon Settings.

Poor Performance in DOOM 2016

Game performance in DOOM is tied to both hardware and software. In terms of the former, ensure you meet the DOOM minimum system requirements. You can compare your components with the recommended hardware needed for DOOM over on its game page.

Secondly you need the correct software. Both AMD and Nvidia have released new drivers for the launch of DOOM. Download these for optimal performance.

For Nvidia the DOOM graphics card drivers needed are GeForce 365.19
For AMD the DOOM graphics card drivers needed are Catalyst 16.5.2

Lastly, there are some extremely demanding graphics options, one of the most demanding of which is antialiasing. If you are struggling with performance in any way, make sure you go for a resource light form of AA such as FXAA.

DOOM will not boot or it crashes to desktop

Some users are experiencing problems whereby DOOMr crashes after launch or will not respond. If DOOM isn’t responding then you need to ensure you have the latest graphics drivers for your graphics card.

For Nvidia the DOOM graphics card drivers needed are GeForce 365.19
For AMD the DOOM graphics card drivers needed are Catalyst 16.5.2

If you do have any more issues then let us know below and we'll try and update with a solution!