Contrary to what we heard originally, Total War: Warhammer will in fact ship with full mod support and Steam Workshop integration from day one, Creative Assembly has announced. Anyone picking up Total War: Warhammer will get access to the Assembly Kit with it; a full mod creating suite to go wild with your creations.

In addition to this, Creative Assembly has partnered with some of the most popular Total War modders to ensure there’s community created content in there from day one. In effect it’s similar to what we saw with XCOM 2 back in February.

Dresden is working on a mod which tackles the problems with races not being able to settle in all locations, creating the Regional Occupation Mod. Every minor detail about how settlements work can be hand-tweaked to your choosing using this.

Fellow modder Magnar is also hard at work on the Legendary Lord Start Position Mod, which, uh, does exactly what it says on the tin really, allowing players to choose different starting positions for their Legendary Lords.

Total War: Warhammer is launching on PC on 24th May. Pick it up within the first week of its launch and you’ll net yourself access to Chaos as a playable race.