XCOM 2 launched with full mod support and we’ve already seen some really amazing things come out of it, ranging from having Mass Effect characters a squaddies to turning weapons into Corgis. A new mod has launched called Squad Cohesion that introduces a relationship mechanic between squad members.

Much in the vein of Fire Emblem, through actions spent while operating in the same squad, squad members earn cohesion score but healing each other, stabilising a downed ally, and many other ways. The score applies only to the two soldiers and interestingly utilises a squadmate score system that was already implemented in the base game.

Once certain soldiers reach a cohesion score threshold, they gain passive buffs to almost all stats and at the highest level gain very serious buffs to most combat stats. What’s really cool is that on the flipside, if 1 of the 2 soldiers with a high cohesion score dies on a mission, the soldier left behind has a 70% chance to enter “Shaken” status.

Finally, it won’t just be you feeling shell shocked upon seeing your best soldiers ripped from this mortal coil and it’ll add even more weight to the decisions and sacrifices every XCOM commander inevitably finds themselves having to make. Sometimes completely unintentionally, and now you’ll have to live with the fact that you killed somebody’s best friend because you couldn’t be bothered to be tactical.

More information can be found on the mod’s Steam Workshop page which fully outlines the systems and numbers that go into the mod. What do you guys think of the mod? Any others which have been grabbing your attention lately?