When I think of Trackmania multiplayer it’s usually a hundred or so people crammed into a server, listening to ear-bleeding Euro house while attempting to shave milliseconds off their time in intense time trials. It’s an acquired taste, shall we say, but the upcoming Trackmania Turbo is looking to broaden its horizons.

The latest multiplayer trailer for Nadeo’s arcade racer shows off the bevy of multiplayer options on offer and there’s some intriguing choices. One in particular set my heart aflutter thanks to calling heavily upon multiplayer classic Micro Machines. Dubbed Mono Screen, the camera follows the race leader and everyone else must stay on the screen or lose the race.

It looks all kinds of awesome, and will be joined by up to four player split-screen on all platforms, a trick-based Stunt mode, power-up racing Bonus mode, and the bizarre double-driver, in which two players control a single car and try to post the best times on a global leaderboard. From the looks of it amalgamates your commands and comes out somewhere in the middle. So if you aim left and your co-op partner aims right, you’ll end up going straight on.

I had a player of the closed beta of Trackmania Turbo las week and I have to say I came away really impressed. The core gameplay that keeps Trackmania so addictive is still there, all wrapped up in some nice new visuals.

It’s not long til it hits store shelves either; Trackmania Turbo launches on March 22nd in North America and on the 24th for the rest of the world, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.