Firaxis has revealed the first slice of DLC coming to XCOM 2 as part of its ‘Reinforcement Pack’, AKA the season pass. Anarchy’s Children is the first of three planned add-ons, but it might not be what everyone had been hoping for. Hang on, let me rephrase that - it’s definitely not what I was hoping.

Anarchy’s Children is 2016’s answer to horse armour you see, adding in more than 100 ‘exotic’ customisation options to tart up your soldiers. My main problem is my units seem to have a shorter life expectancy than the time it takes to customise them, making the whole process redundant. Still, if you want to dress your units up like fetishistic sociopaths then this could be your calling.

Cosmetics range from hairstyles to face paints, helmets, masks, props, armour and more, with more than a hint of Mad Max and Suicide Squad to these devilish designs. I’m sure it’ll befuddle the Mutons for a moment or two as well.

Should you be interest in XOM 2 - Anarchy’s Children then it’s going to be out next week as part of the Reinforcement Pack, or available on its own for $4.99.