There’s wasn’t really much that needed to be done to win me over in regards to DOOM, and then I took a gander at the official multiplayer trailer and just admitted defeat. Take my money id. Sorry, I will try and be as objective as possible here, but everything about the multiplayer on offer here is ticking all the right arena shooter boxes. It’s like we’re being given a Quake V.

Anyway, the trailer’s out because Bethesda wants to hype up the imminent closed beta, which is set to kick off on March 31st. Somewhat hilariously Bethesda has announced this is when you can use those beta codes you got with your Wolfenstein: The New Order pre-orders. Great, that was, uh, coming up to the two years ago now Bethesda, but I guess better late than never. At least on the basis of this new trailer it’s probably been worth the wait.

Some of the abilities look, for want of a better phrase, pretty spiffing. There’s a quick shield, some sort of mine, and, main event, the ability to turn into a 15ft demon, BEFORE THRUSTING SOMEBODY'S HEAD AT THE WALL AT LIGHT SPEED. Mmmhmm.

Should you get into the closed beta then you’ll two maps to mess around with - Heatwave and Infernal, along with two game modes. These are 6v6 Team Deathmatch and Warpath, which is a little like King of the Hill but the capture point moves on a track around the map, with a demon power-up serving as a counterpoint at the opposite end.

I hope there’s some sort of ranked play so I can get onto some easier servers when this arrives. I’m afraid my reaction times might be a bit shot unless I invest some big bucks in a coffee machine / red bull factory / illicit doping substances.

You can register your interest for DOOM beta on the official site, as well as use your Wolfenstein pre-order codes if you've somehow still got them kicking about. Failing that, is out on May 13th worldwide, for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.