Confirming the rumours we reported on last month, Rebellion has announced Sniper Elite 4 will be headed to PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One later this year. Let’s hope our sniper pal has a stronger element of surprise or the Nazis will have him for breakfast.

The big news is that Sniper Elite 4 is once more set during World War Two, this time moving proceedings to the Italian front. It’s 1943 and Italy is deep in cahoots with the Nazis, the little swines. An Italian Resistance force has sprung up attempting to free the nation from fascism. Sneaky agent and crack shot sniper Karl Fairburne must work with the resistance to bring down this new threat and help the Allied forces. Nothing that a well timed bullet to some Axis gonads won’t sort out then.

Lovely trailer and all, but where was my super slo-mo x-ray kills? I’m sure they won’t be too far behind. Anyway, in terms of gameplay Rebellion most the maps will be many times larger than those we saw in Sniper Elite 3, taking in the sun-drenched Mediterranean towns pictured above, along with forests, 'Nazi megastructures' and Monte Cassino. 

The ball-busting Sniper Elite 4 only has a tentative 2016 launch scheduled, so I’d guess to look forward to in the second half of the year.