Way back in 1994 Julian Gollop’s , XCOM: UFO Defense, also known as UFO: Enemy Unknown, proved hugely influential to PC strategy gaming. And now, more than 20 years later, XCOM and XCOM 2 look to be doing exactly the same thing, with Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah tweeting out whether players would like to see a turn-based tactical strategy Dragon Age title in the XCOM style.

Asking only whether gamers “would play a Dragon Age Tactics game?”, more than 12,000 responses went close to 80% in favour of Yes. Who are these crazies forming the 20% that don’t want a tactical Dragon Age game? Anyway, Darrah went on to specify exactly what he meant by Tactics, likening the potential game to “Fire Emblem (long-running Nintendo series) or XCOM. Turn based.

I sort of feel like the blueprints are already there for a tactical strategy game Dragon Age, particularly considering the keep which was essentially your base of operations for Dragon Age: Inquisition. Players could upgrade this and recruit adventurers to their cause, before heading out on dangerous dragon slaying missions. This stuff just writes itself, doesn’t it?

Darrah’s Twitter poll gave the choice between Yes!, No, Only on PC, and Only mobile/handheld. Luckily only 6% voted for the later, so with any luck such thoughts are consigned to the scrapheap, because we want this on PC. Intriguingly his Twitter profile reads “Executive Producer of the Dragon Age Franchise. Game industry veteran since 1997.Will I reveal DA secrets?...Likely.

Could his words be a genuine taste of things to come? Or is Darrah just gauging potential interest?