True to their word, Long War Studios has revealed a roster of three mods coming to XCOM 2 on day one. The mod outfit rose to fame when it created The Long War for XCOM: Enemy Unknown, and an official partnership with Firaxis has seem them get access to mod tools for XCOM 2 ahead of its February 5th launch.

The early mods are admittedly a little low key, but these are sure to be just a taster of what Long War Studios has planned. The first of these adds an entirely new type of weapon to XCOM 2; submachine guns; another adds a set of leadership perks, and the final one sticks in a new enemy type called a Muton Centurion.

That last one is a variant of the Muton heavy infantry from the last games. You know the ones; massive hulking aliens that got aggressive and rushed you when you attacked them, ready to deliver a beatdown. As you can probably guess the from the name, the Muton Centurion is going to be a heck of a sight tougher, and will in fact serve as a mini-boss at the halfway point of XCOM 2’s campaign. It offers stat boosts to the units around it, so it’s going to be a priority to take it down quickly.

The submachine guns meanwhile allow units to move further than with assault rifles, while making the user more difficult to detect. As anyone who’s played an FPS will tell you though, an SMG typically lacks punch, so it will do less damage to the alien troops.

And finally the new development path for soldiers. The leadership mod is designed for higher-level units, if you’re fortunate enough to not have them struck down in their infancy. It grants bonuses which filter down to the team, such as increased movement speeds.

That’s some pretty neat stuff for day one, and it sounds like it could be worthwhile bolting these on even perhaps for your first playthrough of XCOM 2.

Not long to go now either; XCOM 2 comes exclusively to PC this coming Friday, February 5th.