If the drudgery of XCOM 2’s urban landscapes were getting the better of you like they were me, then perhaps a peek at the wildernesses in which you’ll be getting mercilessly slaughtered by the alien scum will do you some good. Just like its predecessor XCOM: Enemy Unknown, action in XCOM 2 often spills out of the streets and into the surrounding countryside, where tactical reshuffles and flanking opportunities abound.

Screenshots released by Firaxis show there’s plenty more variation on offer  in XCOM 2 this time around. You won’t just be running through that same German forest with the crashed UFO again and again, ad infinitum, but traipsing through snow mounds, jungle paradises, and overgrown villages. The ADVENT organisation’s control out here isn’t so tight, making it a prime spot to turn the tables on your grey-skinned foes.

Firaxis say these wilderness environments are designed to be much more open, with clearer lines of sight which force long-range engagements. There’ll be a few buildings to take cover in but the additional layer of destruction means nowhere’s safe for long.

Following its delay a few months back, XCOM 2 will now be launching on February 5th, 2016, exclusively on PC.