I don’t know about you but I thought Half-Life 3 supporting VR was pretty much a given. When Steam was launched entirely off the back of Half-Life 2 it seemed like Valve had cottoned onto the killer app needed to push software and hardware. Following Valve’s partnership on the HTC Vive virtual reality headset, it appeared as if Half-Life 3 was the logical product needed to push these expensive gadgets.

As it turns out it looks as if I’m emphatically wrong. Valve’s Chet Faliszek was at EGX this week to chat about all things HTC Vive, delivering a presentation on what we can expect from the device. We had a half-hour go on it incidentally, so we’ll have plenty of details on that soon. At the end during a Q&A session, one plucky fan asked the all-important question - “Will Half-Life 3 be a VR game?”.

No” was Faliszek’s no-nonsense reply. He then went on to chat about VR headsets being tied to wires for the immediate future due to bandwidth limitations. The fan then went up to the microphone and asked the same question again, to which Faliszeck replied “I said ‘no’.

So there you have it. At the very least he didn’t deny the existence of Half-Life 3, but it’s difficult to gauge just how serious Faliszek’s answers mere. As ever, the wait for Half-Life 3 continues.