2K Games has published a video taken from the Firaxis Mega Panel at PAX Prime 2015, which took place at the end of August. In it we see XCOM 2 creative director Jake Solomon and art director Greg Foertsch talking about a new enemy type arriving in the tactical sequel - The Faceless.

The antagonists being alien invaders allows Firaxis to run riot with the enemy designs, and the Faceless are some of the most hideous yet. Eschewing the insectoid-like remit of many of the alien invaders, the Faceless is a hulking humanoid creature capable of shapeshifting and taking over the bodies of its foes. It’s a parasite that can take the form of its human hosts, allowing it to blend in the battlefield until it’s too late for your well-trained units.

Elsewhere in the panel discussion they go over all sorts of changes coming to the familiar enemy types from XCOM: Enemy Unknown, such as burrowing Chryssalids that can hide beneath the surface and erupt out when one of your soldiers strays too close. There's also time in the second half for a look at Firaxis' other upcoming title, the Civilisation: Beyond Earth - Rising Tide trailer. 

Following a recent delay, XCOM 2 is coming to PC on February 5th next year.