The pervasive reach of Garry’s Mod knows no bounds. The mod for Half-Life 2 has been around for nearly as long as Valve’s great game itself, racking up approximately 9.6 million owners. That’s more than both Civilization V and Skyrim, two of the biggest PC games around.

It’s enduring popularity of the past decade has been because of the limitless possibility for chaos it provides. All Garry’s Mod gives you is the tools and a physics-based sandbox to play around with them in. It’s pretty great, as most you no doubt already know, but it turns out Garry’s Mod creator Garry Newman isn’t resting on his laurels; there is in fact a sequel in the works.

Speaking during a recent interview, Newman said “We wouldn't raise the price now, I mean we’re kind of working on a sequel, so it’d be stupid to the raise the price, really.

That’s not all either. In an effort to make the Garry’s Mod sequel stand out from its predecessor, it looks as if it will be adopting VR support as its primary focus. "It’s early days. We’re looking at having more VR stuff in it—that’s the big point of it. And it won’t be called Garry’s Mod 2."

At the moment Newman and the team at Facepunch Studios are already juggling Garry’s Mod and Early Access survival game Rust, so Garry’s Mod VR could still be some way off yet. Much its success is going down to how well VR is adopted, with both the Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive gearing up for commercial launches early next year.