When it comes to football games in recent years, we've been treated to some real second-hand versions in comparison to our console brethren. PES 2016 is still running on some bizarre mish-mash of the previous and current-gen versions, but with FIFA 16 we've got the real deal on PC this year. Crank everything up and it looks and plays precisely how it does on PlayStation 4, as well as offering support for higher resolutions.

Nvidia's latest entry-level graphics card carries the big promise that it can offer console-beating performance for less. We'll be putting that to the test with MSI Gaming 2G variant of the GeForce GTX 950, as well as taking a peek at how the last generation of Nvidia cards hold up with the budget-priced GTX 750 Ti. Here we've got not only benchmark results but also extensive gameplay footage from the GTX 950, showcasing just what FIFA 16 brings to the table visually at High and Low graphics settings. 

In terms of sheer performance, the MSI Geforce GTX 950 Gaming 2G blitzes through FIFA 2016 with ease. Absolutely maxed out at 1080p resolution with 4x MSAA and High graphics options it cruises through FIFA 16 with an average frame rate of 134. Dial everything down and you only see a modest increase to 144, which clearly isn’t worth the drop in visual fidelity.

The best visuals on offer in FIFA 16 are only visible in the replays and close-ups however, where the camera zooms right in and you can see plenty of player detail and even turf effects. This has knock-on impact to performance on the MSI GTX 950 Gaming 2G, almost halving the frame rate during normal gameplay. It’s still averaging 75fps on Max though, so it’s nothing to worry about on this particular graphics card.

FIFA 16 GeForce GTX 750 Ti Performance

Taking things down a notch, we also tested FIFA 16 on Nvidia’s previous entry-level graphics card of choice - the GeForce GTX 750 Ti. This is a highly power-efficient graphics card capable of running solely of the PCI express, but in our testing in previous games it offers performance in the region of 20-25% less than the GTX 950. Despite this is still hammers through the testing, averaging 100 frames per second when maxed out, rising to 142 on Low. During cut-scenes the 750 Ti still pulls in comfortably more than 60 frames most of the time, but there are occasional dips. Luckily the frame rate drops only occur on replays, so it's not actually going to have a huge impact on gameplay. Your sensitivity to frame rate changes is the key factor here. Overall the GTX 750 Ti is a great budget graphics card for playing FIFA 16 at PlayStation 4-quality graphics settings.

FIFA 16 PC Graphics Options Settings And Low High Comparison Screens