When you’re not too busy blowing petrol stations up in Just Cause 3, or bringing down an AT-AT with a well-timed Snowspeeder run, then XCOM 2 will be bringing an altogether more cerebral experience exclusively to PC later this year. While we all associate the series with turn-based tactics out in the field, XCOM 2 will be bringing an even greater focus to the player’s headquarters.

This time around it’s all about urban guerilla warfare, so it’s a mobile HQ. Here players will be able to manage research, manufacture resources, customise and recruit new soldiers, upgrade weapons, armour and abilities, and basically run an underground network of lethal operatives trying to reclaim Earth. The trailer’s basically Through the Keyhole, or for our American cousins, Cribs.

The ant farm layout returns, as players will be able to annex their base with new rooms and upgrades. I’m pretty impressed they’ve somehow managed to make the whole thing mobile and secretive, despite potential for dozens upon dozens of rooms.

XCOM 2 will be sticking a probe in PC gaming in November this year.