Firaxis got in there early and announced XCOM 2 before E3 2015, but in the weeks since then it’s felt like the brief snippet we saw has been left by the wayside after the slew of other gaming announcements. Luckily, Firaxis has at last decided to release a gameplay trailer, demoing an entire mission played out on one of the new procedurally generated maps.

Set roughly 20 years after the fall of humanity to the invading alien forces, the XCOM crew are taking on a band of enemy soldiers in urban combat. What begins as a stealthy guerrilla mission soon escalates when a powerful new alien foe enters the battlefield.

Where XCOM 2’s levels, like the one below, differ from their counterparts, is the procedural generation. Enemy Unknown had a bank of 80 handcrafted maps on which enemy placements would differ on each playthrough, but now entire elements and buildings on the map are going to be randomised, offering practically limitless permutations. Firaxis is also mixing in pre-constructed destructible buildings into the procedurally generated maps, which socket into gaps within the random maps.

XCOM 2 is heading exclusively to PC in November this year.