Cloud Imperium Games have unleashed a wealth of information on the upcoming Star Marine first-person shooter module set to hit Star Citizen. Following in the footsteps of the Arena Commander module, Star Marine is another part of the core gameplay which will be integral to both Star Citizen and its Squadron 42 single-player campaign.

The FPS module will have totally seamless integration with the rest of Star Citizen, CIG promise. You’ll be able to fly through the depths of space and land your spaceship on a giant carrier, before stepping straight out into a pitched battle, with no immersion-breaking loading screens or menus getting in the way.

Thanks to the support of Star Citizen’s backers, the framework of our modular development process and the incredible talent of the teams working on the game, melding elements of a first person shooter with a space combat adventure are no longer a distant dream… it’s an impending reality!”, wrote Wing Commander maestro, Chris Roberts. “Star Marine, like the upcoming multicrew module, means a leap far ahead in this process; it’s something many of us (and I suspect many of you) have dreamed about for many years.

An in-depth look at the development process reveals how the module is coming along, which should be a solid experience thanks to being built on the CryTek engine. Character models in particular have received a major overhaul, including major character customisation options, higher-detail textures, and enhanced motion capture, all achieved using less memory intensive techniques.

In addition to the persistent world elements, there will also be a number of FPS-specific gametypes in Star Citizen. SATA Ball is one of these, and has two teams competing against one another in a zero-gravity Astro Arena. Using a grappling hook and an array of moves, players can shoot one another as well as pass, shoot and drop the ball, with aim being to score in the enemy goal. Think along the lines of Unreal Tournament’s Deathball mod.

There’s plenty more info on what the Star Citizen FPS update holds through the link, which should help tide us over until it actually drops. CIG is remaining tight-lipped on an actual first public release, although we’re hoping to see it arrive this summer.

There's no faulting Cloud Imperium's ambition with Star Citizen, it's just remains to be seen whether all of these elements can come together into a cohesive whole. If they do then it could be an incredible achievement, but we've got a wait on our hands until the final release.