Prices for Star Citizen ships can be out of this world. With ships of all variations and sizes, to suit any interest space traveller's needs. This latest update to the multi million dollar crowd funded PC only online sci-fi title will include the REC credit system. This is Roberts Space Industries first pass at rental credits that will allow payment free progression in Arena Commander. Existing backers get 5000 REC to start them off.

There are a few new ships rolled out with the update as well, like the Retaliator for $300 and the Gladius for $105.

Other points of interest with the Star Citizen 1.1 update are a new character rig, that should deliver smoother, cleaner animations. Along side that there is a new dynamic damage system with the Gladius ship. This will be applied to all old and new ships in coming patches. An updated landing system has been added for ships, a new Mounts system with the introduction of Gimbal Mounts to the store within the Arena Commander.

During the two years of Star Citizen development the title has grown and matured. People and Roberts Space Industries acknowledge that this hasn’t always been the same with installing or patching these updates. However, today's Star Citizen 1.1.0 updatethey are cleaning up some of the patching process to help players avoid past update problems.

Star Citizen 1.1 comes with a new game installer and the delivery infrastructure for the game will be done via Amazon Cloudfront. They are reporting that this means over 80% of Metafile issues will be fixed and it’s also the beginning step towards a future update that should eliminate the annoying “Delete your USER folder” process that gamers have to deal with.