Rocky. Team America. The Godfather. Movie montages are the bee knees, so it should come as little surprise to see Cloud Imperium Games space epic Star Citizen get in on the action with this melodramatic trailer at South by Southwest’s Gaming Expo; clearly the folks at CIG have a soft spot for rousing scores.

When it comes to actually encapsulating just what Star Citizen is it can be a hugely difficult task. This 5-minute trailer does its damnedest though, providing a montage of clips showing off all the various components and modules that ensure Star Citizen stands out from just about any other space shooter.

Unlike most you won’t be restricted to running trade routes and having dogfights, with CIG incorporating third-person shooter elements, a full persistent universe and even racing through city skylines.

The full Star Citizen SXSW presentation by Chris Roberts should be going up later this week as well, so keep your eyes peeled, spacefarers.

Do you reckon Cloud Imperium Games can pull all of these disparate parts into top-tier experience? Without an official hard launch planned, when are you waiting to jump in?