You’d best start clearing out your SSDs because Star Citizen developer Cloud Imperium Games has revealed it expects the Star Citizen launch client to be at least 100GB. Cloud Imperium’s Jeremy Masker confirmed as much in a recent Star Citizen Q&A session, estimating the install size to be at least 100GB, with patches ranging from 2GB-20GB in size.

Any PC gamers out there now with data cap limits are probably cringing just reading this, and Masker reiterated to a fan that suggested it would be compressed and optimised that this would not be the case; Star Citizen is just too large a scale game to condense down this much.

As I have already said, I would not count on this," wrote Masker. "The game compression and asset removal is unlikely to yield such high gains that we will be able to reduce our client size to 30-40GB. The size and number of assets that are left to deliver means that our client size is much more likely to be 100GB."

"Also, yes we are optimizing game patching for speed and to only deliver diffs, but this is unlikely to reduce actual patch size," he continued. "Again, each patch has 100s of assets, each of these assets are at times 200MB, this leads to 2-6GB patches, and if we end up doing a file type re-factor and have to re-download 30-40% of the assets on the hard-drive, then the patch will be 14-20GB."

As it stands Star Citizen is set to beat out The Elder Scrolls Online in terms of base install, which itself was a mighty 65GB at launch. The issue of download size has certainly reared its head a lot more over the last couple of years, with game sizes outpacing internet connections for the first time in a while. I know I’m still dreaming of the 1Gbps BT is planning to roll out here in the UK over the next five years, capable of downloading Star Citizen in just 13 minutes.

Is a 100GB download enough to make you think twice about Star Citizen? Are game install sizes getting out of control? Let us know what you think!